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  • Eyebrows $10
  • Upper Lips $5
  • Eyebrows + Upper Lip(Combo) $12
  • Fore head $6
  • Chin $6
  • Side Burns $8
  • Neck $8
  • Full face(Excluding Neck) $30
  • Full face(Including Neck) $35

Threading: A method of hair removal in which unwanted hairs are plucked out by using a twisted cotton thread.

The cotton thread precisely shapes the eyebrows, giving a perfectly desired, neat, clean, defined look. It is faster than tweezing. The reason why Threading Hair Removal is preferred over waxing, bleaching, depilatory creams, etc, is because these methods may not suit many skin types. Threading Hair Removal is fantastic for those who have sensitive skin (that is too sensitive for waxing, bleaching, depilatory creams). Threading hair removal saves your skin from any risk of reaction from chemicals because it is 100% natural.

Advantages are numerous-here are our top 5!

100% natural hair removal method as no waxes or chemicals is applied to the skin.

Threading, the ‘Get Threaded’ way is less painful than other hair removal methods and traditional threading.

Incredibly accurate! Hair can be removed individually or in ‘lines’ to create a perfect shape for the eyebrows. It picks up all the hair on the surface even really fine and short hair can also be removed. It is ideal for hormonal hair too!

Threading has less adverse effects and will not burn, cause trauma or allergic reactions to the skin like other hair removal methods. The skin usually doesn’t turn bright red as skin layers are not being removed and as there is little irritation to the area it is possible to go over the area more than once.

Threading is a suitable alternative hair removal treatment for client’s that are using acne treatments or have been asked to avoid waxing as the technique does not damage the skin and only removes the unwanted hair.

Type : Women: Full face, eyebrows, sides of the face, chin, lip, forehead